Domestic Violence

The victim assistance coordinator of the Miami County Attorney's Office can assist individuals who are victims of domestic violence, by providing access to resources such as Safehome, counseling, and law enforcement.

Victim Assistance Coordinator

In cases where criminal charges are filed against the perpetrator, the victim assistance coordinator:

  • Advises the victim of all court dates and court procedures and accompanies the victim to court
  • Assists with the preparation of victim impact statements and restitution claim forms
  • Provides information for resources for counseling victims and their children

To contact the victim assistance coordinator during business hours, please call 913-294-3181.

 Abused or Neglected Children

If you have information that a child is being neglected or abused you can call the Department of Children and Families (DCF) or the law enforcement agency where the abuse or neglect is occurring, i.e., Louisburg, Osawatomie, Paola, or the Sheriff's Office for incidents occurring outside of the city limits of Miami County.

Support Agencies