Inspections & Insurance Requirements

Motor Vehicle Inspections (MVE-1)

Louisburg VIN Inspection Station 
Miami County Sheriff's Office VIN Inspection Station 
Olathe VIN Inspection Station
Franklin County VIN Inspection Station

For a complete listing of VIN Inspection locations and hours, please visit the 
Kansas Highway Patrol website.

Requirements- You will need the following for the VIN verification:

  • Vehicle to be inspected
  • The out-of-state title
  • A valid Driver's License
  •  Effective July 1, 2012:
    $20 for out-of-state titles, Kansas non-highway titles
    $25 for salvage titles or special inspections

Motor Vehicle Insurance Requirements

Effective January 1, 2000, motor vehicle owners are required to show official written proof of insurance before they can purchase or renew license plates. Be aware that Kansas State Law mandates this, and the county treasurer cannot make any exceptions.

Acceptable Proof of Insurance

Acceptable forms of proof of insurance must include company name, policy number, vehicle identification number, effective date, and expiration date.
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Insurance card issued by insurance company
  • Certificate of self insurance issued by the commissioner
  • Binder of insurance
  • Motor carrier Identification number issued by the State Corp. Commission
  • A fleet policy
  • A commercial policy
Photocopies are accepted.

You may contact your insurance company and have them fax a copy of the required insurance information to our office.