Records Division
Archived records are available between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Reports available to the public include motor vehicle accidents, general purpose, and offense reports.

Communications Division
The Communications Division handles all incoming 911 calls in Miami County. Computer-aided dispatching is used to dispatch area rural fire departments, the Louisburg Police Department, Kansas Highway Patrol, and Kansas Wildlife and Parks. Currently, the division includes a supervisor and five dispatchers.

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division handles the investigation of crimes committed against persons and/or property, as well as narcotics crimes. Detectives work with local, state, and federal agencies as they investigate criminal activities.

Road Patrol Division
In 2010, the Road Patrol Division handled approximately 24,453 calls for service, served nearly 4,000 civil papers, and executed more than 450 warrants. Additionally, deputies respond to all incoming 911 calls, including those dialed in error.

Court Security Division
The Court Security Division, which is comprised of a bailiff and two court security officers, is designed to ensure the safety of the general public, law enforcement, county employees, and the judiciary inside the Miami County District Courthouse.

Special Operations Response Team
The Special Operations Response Team (S.O.R.T.) oversees hostile situations involving violent suspects, serves high-risk warrants, and handles hostage negotiations.