Fontana Area

If you’re looking for a taste of truly rural Kansas life — the Kansas of 100 years ago — then you’ll enjoy a visit to Miami County’s smallest city, Fontana, with a population of about 220.
Three Parks
Fontana is home to three parks.  The Miami State Fishing Lake is a 101-acre lake that is an ideal destination for hunting, fishing and birding. It still retains much of the original tallgrass prairie.  The lake area is populated with white-tailed deer, and birders can spot loggerhead shrikes, grebes, great blue herons and even the occasional pileated woodpecker.  Primitive camping, restrooms and courtesy docks are available.

The Fontana Fire Station Park is a city park by the fire station that features an original, historic pump well.  The newer Fontana City Park is equipped with a shelter house, picnic tables and plenty of play area for kids.  Come relax and enjoy the outdoors with a picnic in the quiet town of Fontana.

Holiday Fun
At Christmastime, people drive from miles around to choose and cut their very own Christmas tree at Fontana Pines Christmas Tree Farm.  It is great holiday bonding for the whole family with a wide selection of 5-foot to 10-foot Scotch pines, Austrian pines and Fraser firs — along with handmade wreaths and garlands.  Come pick the perfect tree starting with the weekends from Nov. 28 through Dec. 21 or Wednesdays, Dec. 10 and 17.

Historic Downtown
Fontana offers a unique opportunity to see how communities in Kansas looked and felt a century ago.  Many of the original homes from settler days still stand with several more than 100 years old.  The small downtown still retains the beautiful architecture and character of the 1800s.

The original Fontana Bank and Fontana Jail still stand today, giving you a feel for the magnificent buildings of yesteryear.  The renovated Fontana City Hall is a throwback to an earlier time.  In fact, the original single classroom at City Hall was still actively used well into the 1980s.

Seasonal Festivals
Fontana hosts three seasonal festivals each year.  During the November Festival, the United Methodist Church cooks homemade apple dumplings and chicken noodles for members and visitors alike.  (November)
Come enjoy the fun at the annual Fontana Community Picnic, sponsored by the Fontana Church of Christ, city of Fontana and Heavenly Hotdogs.  This is a great social event for the entire community. There is family fun for all ages.  Come enjoy the live music, games, inflatable waterslide, food and drinks.  (June)
On the first Saturday of Fire Prevention Month, the Fontana Fire Station hosts an Open House.  Come tour the fire station and enjoy lunch with local fire and rescue crews.  Explore the fire and rescue vehicles, including rescue boats, life flight helicopter, fire trucks and ambulances.  Also, enjoy a live demonstration of the “Jaws of Life” cutting open a wrecked vehicle.  Come enjoy a fun day of learning about the rescue operations of the fire department.  (October)