U.S. Census-You COUNT!

Did you know if 1 person is missed in our community in the 2020 Census, there is a potential financial loss to the community of $2,082*? This has a significant impact on the resources and opportunities for all residents if you are not counted.

In Kansas, the average household is 2.5 residents. If one (1) "average" household is missed, that can cost a community $5,205 per year. Then, consider that a census won't occur for another ten (10) years - that's $52,050 in lost resources for our community that we rely on. The Census is important and so are you, that is why we need your help and for you to get involved with the Census of 2020! (Data provided by George Washington Institute of Public Policy).

April 1, 2020, is Census Day.

While that is still some time away, local governments, community leaders and volunteers across the Kansas City metro are working together to ensure a complete and accurate count. The following is a general timeline for Census activities in the Kansas City region. 

Timeline for 2020 Census.

  • July 2019 → Communications and advertising campaign begins
  • June-August 2019 → Area Census Offices open
  • August 2019 → In-field Address Canvassing and Group Quarters operation begins
  • September 2019 → Hiring of enumerators begins
  • March 2020 → Census postcards are sent to most homes
  • March 2020 → Door-to-door enumeration and Enumeration at Transitory Locations begins
  • March – August 2020 → Conduct self-response
  • March 2020 → Mailing 1: Letter with info to take survey online
  • Mailing 2: Letter to non-respondents
  • Mailing 3: Postcard to non-respondents
  • Mailing 4: Letter + questionnaire to non-respondents
  • April 2020 → Mailing 5: “It’s not too late” postcard to non-respondents
  • April 1, 2020 → 2020 Census Day
  • April 2020 → Non-response Follow-up begins for households that did not submit a Census form