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Hard to Count Areas

The U.S. Census Bureau currently has staff in the field in the Kansas City region working to verify addresses in advance of the 2020 census that will take place next spring. People are naturally curious when something unusual is going on in their neighborhoods. 

To see whether address verification will happen in your community, follow the steps outlined below.

•  Go to censushardtocountmaps2020.us and zoom into your community.

•    In the map overlay box at the bottom right, turn on the “Address Canvassing” layer. Any tracts shown in green will have some level of address canvassing.

•    Click on a census tract, then click on the blue “More information” drop down on the left and choose “In-Field Address Canvassing” to see what percent of addresses will be checked in that tract..

To learn more about the 2020 Census Address Canvassing Operation, read the Census Bureau’s news release. If you have questions about the Kansas City Regional Complete Count Committee and our region’s public outreach efforts, contact Catherine Couch at ccouch@marc.org.

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