How much land do I need to build a house?
Countywide zoning and subdivision regulations went into effect in 1991, and the minimum requirements have varied since that time. The county recognizes the legal descriptions of deeds and surveys that were recorded in the register of deeds office prior to January 1, 1992. Any change in the legal description or size of the property since that date would require county approval as outlined in the zoning and subdivision regulations that were in place when the lot was created or changed.

For written confirmation as to whether an existing lot or tract is “buildable”, a Zoning Verification application can be submitted for the property in question. This will verify whether the property was legally created, and whether or not the lot/tract is eligible to receive building permits per the zoning and subdivision standards that were in place when the lot was created. The Zoning Verification application can be submitted free of charge if submitted in conjunction with a Soil Profile Analysis application (soil test for sanitation purposes), a Building Permit application, or an Entrance Permit application (driveway entrance from the county right-of-way). If the Zoning Verification is submitted without another application, a $50.00 fee will be charged.

Please keep in mind that other factors such as entrance standards, sanitation requirements, floodplain, etc., may restrict a lot from being developed. The Zoning Verification only verifies the legality of the lot for zoning purposes.

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