Miami County real property information is available on a linked site. On this site you will find current year’s appraisal, current property characteristic information, the appraised value for the prior year, current year after June 15, and the most recent tax information. Most parcels include a photo of the main structure, a description of the improvements, land size information, the property tract description, subdivision information, and additional information as available.

Map Viewing
A map-viewing program attached to the site will display the location of the property. Various map overlays show flood plain data, tax unit information, and city-limit information. Not all map information is available for all parcels. The map menu icon to the left of the map will help tailor your search options.

Comparable Property Search

There is a comparable property search tool to view properties with comparable appraisals. Property appraisals and tax information reflects the values certified in June and November. They do not reflect any changes that may occur after those dates.


Please be aware that all due diligence has been made to provide you with the most accurate information possible. However, there may be errors in the data, photos, taxes, maps, or other information. Miami County disclaims any responsibility for damages incurred as a result of information in either of these sites.

Server Errors
The server that houses the Miami County GIS data is not owned or operated by Miami County. We can not assist you with any difficulties you experience or any questions you have regarding use of the site. Please direct your questions regarding the site to Beacon from their “Feedback” button.