Special Circumstances

With this online form, you can enter information you would like the ambulance crew to know. Information like the location of a  hidden door key, a garage door or security gate code, special directions to enter the property, maps of the residence or business, or any other special circumstance that might be helpful for the responding ambulance crew to know. This information is made available to ambulance crew responding to your emergency via an on-board computer. 

Who Views Information

This information will be available to the crew immediately upon dispatch and can be viewed while en route to your 9-1-1 call. Your information is considered confidential and will only be seen by the EMS Chief. The Chief will send your information to our dispatch center who will enter the information into our computer-aided dispatch system. Your information will only be displayed or made available to our crews via the on-board computer in the event of an emergency.  
Updates to Information
This information will be verified with you or your organization annually to make sure that the information is current and kept up to date.