GIS / Mapping

The GIS (Geographical Information Systems) / Mapping Division is responsible for maintaining GIS support and data for all county departments. In addition, GIS maintains current property ownership information for Miami County.

Property Location

GIS can locate a property by the street address, owner's name, or section, township, range, and legal description.

County Detail Maps

GIS prepares a variety of county detail maps. For more information on the type of maps available, please contact our office at 913-294-9531.

Maps to View:

School Districts Map

Position the mouse over the map to navigate and view information.

To Zoom In/Out: click the plus(+) and minus (-) buttons in the upper left of the map 'or' position the mouse over the map and use the mouse scroll wheel.

To Pan: left click and 'hold' down the button then slide the map in the opposite direction you want to pan.

Click the Basemap dropdown menu to change the background map information.

Left click on a School District to pop-up a window and display information about the boundary.