Entrance Requirements

Miami County Road and Bridge requires that a property owner have permission from the department before any entrance is established or reconstructed. The landowner has the option of obtaining a permit and installing or reconstructing an entrance, or paying the department to perform the work.

Application / Installation Procedure
  • Obtain and properly fill out an application permit
  • Pay $50 processing fee
  • Mark center location of entrance with the county-provided flag. Please keep in mind several factors when marking your location:
    • Have at least 350 feet of sight distance in both directions
    • Make sure brush is not within the sight line
    • The larger the drainage area upstream, the larger the diameter of pipe will be needed, therefore increasing your cost
    • Driveways (including circle) must have a minimum of 185 feet of space between entrances and, depending on the road classification, may require 300 to 350 feet of spacing
    • The entrance needs to be 200 to 300 feet from the intersection, depending on the roadway classification
  • The county will determine the final location of the entrance and the cost for the county installation of the entrance
  • The applicant can either pay the county to install the entrance or obtain a permit to install the entrance themselves. If the landowner elects to install the entrance, they must post a minimum $500 cash bond and follow all the rules of the Utility Accommodation Policy
  • Once the entrance is constructed, the landowner is responsible for it until the county issues the occupancy permit. If the culvert is damaged during construction, the county reserves the right to deny the occupancy permit. Please be advised that construction equipment such as concrete trucks, lumber trucks, etc. are primarily responsible for the majority of culvert damage (i.e., crushed ends)
  • Asphalt or concrete driveways are to stop at the right-of-way line unless the street is curb and gutter or the petitioner has written approval from the highway department
  • After the culvert has final approval, the county is responsible for replacement of the culvert should it be necessary