Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Division of Public Works, funded entirely by user fees, is responsible for processing solid waste materials, which are then transferred to an out-of-county landfill, buried on-site at the C & D landfill, or transferred to a recycling facility. A private contractor transfers the solid waste to a state-permitted landfill daily.

County Clean-Up

2024 Dates will be announced soon!

Bulk Items

Appliances are disposed of by a third party. Those with freon are separated and when the freon is properly evacuated, the appliances are transported for disposal. Vehicle batteries are separated and recycled. Brush / non-treated wood is separated and then burned in accordance with state regulations. Tires are separated and hauled to a monofill for recycling.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Administrates the solid waste contract with the private vendor

  • Assists Lake Region Resources Conservation and Development

  • Acts as the county representative to KDHE

  • Provides personnel for the intake of the transfer station and solid waste
    • All loads must be tarped or a $10 fee will be charged
    • All hand and load drop-offs need to arrive 30 minutes before closing time
  • Transfer Station
    • Household trash
    • PPE is REQUIRED while at the Miami Transfer Station. The Transfer Station will no longer be loaning this equipment out. You may bring in your own Hard Hat and Safety Vest or you may purchase at the scales for service.
    • No Cash Accepted - Debit/Credit Card Only
  • Solid Waste: Signs Post Dumping Areas
    • Used tires have additional fees
    • Will not accept hazardous waste material and/or dead animals
    • Freon Appliances' additional fees  

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