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Miami County Code Services administers a contractor licensing program which requires many building trades contractors, as well as onsite wastewater installers, designers and septic pumper/haulers, to possess a license to perform work in the county. The program covers all of the unincorporated area of Miami County. A Miami County contractor license is also accepted by the cities of Fontana, Louisburg and Spring Hill. The city of Osawatomie requires a contractor to possess a Miami County contractor license as a condition of obtaining a city contractor registration. A contractor license is generally required to obtain a permit and perform work for any construction project, with an exception allowing the owner of a single family or agricultural property who personally occupies the property to obtain permits and perform their own construction work.

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Do Your Services Include Roofing Services?

On and after July 1, 2013, contractors must obtain a roofing contractor registration certificate from the Kansas Attorney General in order to legally provide commercial or residential roofing services for a fee in Kansas.  This applies to general contractors who provide roofing services as well as to contractors who provide ONLY roofing services.

Effective July 1, 2015, though, some general contractors who perform roofing services in the state of Kansas are exempt from the Roofing Registration Act.

Contractors who believe they qualify for the exemption can submit an affidavit to the KS Attorney General, and receive a letter of exemption.  The affidavit is available on the AG’s website:

Affidavit of Exemption from the Kansas Roofing Registration Act