Recruiting Resources

A tight labor market is prompting many employers to get more creative about employee recruitment as they look for ways to grab the attention of desired talent. Hours could be spent scouring the internet reviewing articles about best practices, but most often some of the best assistance can be found close to home.

The first thing employers should do when a position opens up is contact a KansasWorks representative. KansasWorks is a state run organization that not only works with those seeking a job, but with the companies who are looking to hire.  One of their most popular services is their online job database. At no cost, employers can list their vacant positions online, search potential candidates and save resumes of interest. They also offer information about available programs that may help underwrite hiring and training costs along with pre-employment skills screening.

In addition to KansasWorks, there is a Miami County Jobs Facebook page with more than 2500 members. This moderated page allows local employers to post positions directly to members who live within the region. Johnson County Community College also offers their own job listing resource, JobLinks. Similar to KansasWorks is a job database  allows employers to post openings with their company, however the listings are only viewable to JCCC students.

Of course employers should not underestimate more traditional tools when looking to hire. Most chamber of commerce organizations will offer to their members free job listings either on their newsletter or website. Employers are also encouraged to talk with other business owners in similar industries and refer candidates to one another.

Perhaps one of the simplest and still relevant sources of notices are public flyers. They can be a cheap and fast way to draw attention to any open positions. When designing a flyer businesses may want to keep these tips in mind:

  • Companies and organizations have different expectations when it comes to how a flyer can be posted. Colleges and non-profits typically want to review the content of a flyer before posting it and will ask for a copy to be emailed to them first. Grocery stores and coffee shops tend to have a more relaxed, self-service policy. Employers should never hesitate to call and ask a location about their preference beforehand.
  • A flyer needs to include as much information as possible. An audience doesn’t only want a description of the position, they need to know a salary range, possible benefits, the qualifications needed to be considered and a proposed shift time. If the position is flexible on any of those points, that needs be stated clearly.
  • Informative and brief are not contradictory ideas. To keep it to a 100 words or less, employers can skip the adjectives and use bullet points to communicate the core ideas.
  • Employers obviously won’t know when their position will be filled, but that should not stop them from stating a specific window of time the position is considered open. Job seekers will be spurred on by a sense of immediacy to contact the business sooner and those monitoring the posting will be able to keep things organized.
  • In a sea flyers it is difficult to standout, therefore bright colors creates and advantage and will catch the eye of someone passing by.
  • Organizations that want to review the flyer by email will typically offer to print it out for free in grayscale. Anyone looking to keep that pop of color on their flyer will need to deliver it in person.
  • Small budgets are no longer an excuse for poor design. There are many free tools available to those that are looking to update their recruiting materials. allows users to change their font styles. has free flyer templates.
  • Employers can no longer takeout an ad in the local wanted section and call it a day. To access a larger audience business will want to get creative when it comes to where they will be posting:
  • Coffee Shops
  • Hair Salons/Barber Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Local events such as car and tractor shows
  • Gas Stations
  • Hardware Stores
  • Local Charities
  • Laundry mats
  • Gyms

Local Job Board Listings

Price Chopper 1400 W Amity St, Louisburg
Price Chopper 22350 S Harrison S, Spring Hill
Fort Scott Community College - Fort Scott Campus 2108 S Horton St, Fort Scott
Fort Scott Community College - Miami Campus 501 S Hospital Dr #, Paola
Neosho Community College 900 E Logan St, Ottawa
Johnson County Community College 12345 College Blvd, Overland Park
Miami County Adult Education Center 1710 Industrial Park Dr., Paola
Osawatomie Library 527 Brown Ave, Osawatomie
Louisburg Library 206 S Broadway St, Louisburg
Paola Library 101 E Peoria St, Paola
Miami County Jobs Facebook Group,
KansasWorks 1 South Pearl Street, Suite A, Paola,

If you know of other locations to include on this list or have questions, please call Miami County Economic Development at (913) 294-4045.