Spotlight on an Innovative Business

The Spotlight on a Innovative Business is a monthly feature focusing on businesses doing extraordinary things during difficult times. The spotlight is presented in collaboration with Miami County Economic Development, Louisburg Chamber or Commerce, Osawatomie Chamber of Commerce, Paola Chamber of Commerce and Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce. Businesses featured in the Innovative Business Spotlight are nominated by their local chamber of commerce with nominations rotating among communities.

  1. Oct. 2020 - On Point Catering
  2. Sept. 2020 - Social: Managed.
  3. August 2020 - BlackHawk Apartments
  4. July 2020 - Be Well Spa


Nick and Anna Norman are no strangers to the food industry. Name a position, and they have some experience with it. 

These two big dreamers yearned for the ability to work for themselves and to create a business. They also longed for small-town living. As a result, On-Point Catering found its home in Osawatomie, where they have been able to focus on providing customized menus with the highest level of hospitality. They pride themselves on their ability to offer fresh ingredients prepared with love and served with the quality every guest deserves.

Chef Anna has had a passion for cooking her entire life. In her teenage years, she began to combine the limited ingredients around her, creating meals that people continuously commented were, “On point.” Chef Nick started working in kitchens as a young man washing dishes at a family-owned Italian restaurant in his hometown of Overland Park, Kansas. During the last 24 years he has risen from a humble dish washer to running one of the busiest kitchens in Kansas City. 

Both chefs attended JCCC’s culinary program and have a knack for all things tasty and delicious. 

“First and foremost is service - the food speaks for itself. We provide a price point that is competitive with fast food, but it is a healthy option at a lower price,” said Anna Norman.

The prepared meal program, one of their greatest successes so far, was created largely due to COVID-19. It was an idea that had started on a small scale in November 2019, but it grew out of necessity in March 2020. COVID-19 shook their catering business when previously booked events were cancelled.  So they got creative and threw themselves into their prepared meals work. The Normans added a delivery option which really made them stand out from their competitors.

Since that time they have served meals in Overland Park, Olathe, Shawnee, Lenexa, Kansas City, Independence, Liberty, Grain Valley, Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, Grandview, Peculiar, Raymore, Lane, Rantoul, Fontana, Paola and Osawatomie. 

“We have gone from preparing around 40 meals a week to most recently 450 meals and 70 salads in one week,” said Anna Norman.

In fact they’ve become so busy that they have recently said goodbye to some of their KC friends allowing to focus more on Miami County. 

Osawatomie picked us! The door opened last year when we bought our property south of town. Then the shop came up for sale. Miracles abound! We are in the city of history and promise. Nick and I are looking forward to contributing positively toward that,” said Anna Norman.

On Point Catering is located at 710 6th Street in Osawatomie where they offer delivery and curbside pickup options. They will have new signage soon and are in the process of a brand makeover. Visit their website at and follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date and check out their revolving menus.