Map of Services

About the Map

This map simply provides information on service territories. All information should be individually verified regarding available service.

Internet or Cable Providers

  • Boundaries and service areas vary within each community. Please check with your local city hall regarding providers. This directory of provider is also available.

Natural Gas Service

  • Service within the City of Louisburg is provided by the city.

Telephone Service

  • This list only provides information regarding landline providers. It does not include cellular services.

You will likely want to verify the zoning around your new location. Zoning controls the approved uses for property in your new neighborhood. Each city has its own set of zoning rules. If you live outside of a city’s boundaries, the county would be responsible for the zoning. Information about zoning and land uses can be obtained at City Hall or the Miami County Planning and Zoning Office.

If you are connecting outside of a city’s limits, you may need to contact one of the county’s rural water districts to obtain service. A list of other utilities is also available.

If you need help finding local favorites, whether it is a salon or a restaurant, you may want to visit the local chambers of commerce.