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Budget Process Forms

  1. Accountability Report

    Complete this form for each department.

  2. Reclassification / New Position Request

    Complete this form when requesting a reclassification or a new position.

  1. Capital Purchase Request

    Complete this form for non-technology capital purchases over $2,500.

  2. Technology Budget Request

    Complete this form if requesting the purchase of technology equipment, hardware and software.

Miami County Sheriff's Office

  1. Miami County Sheriff's Office Citizen Survey

    This is an anonymous survey, prepared by the Miami County Sheriff's Office, for the purpose of determining the concerns and views of... More…

Public Health Department

  1. MiCo COVID-19 Vaccination Interest Form for Childcare Providers

    The following form is for LICENSED CHILDCARE PROVIDERS ONLY who are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccination for themselves... More…

Road and Bridge

  1. Dust Control Application

    Application for Dust Abatement

  2. Utility Company Registration

    Form for registering utility companies to apply for utility relocation permits.

  3. Utility Permit Application

    Application to conduct utility work on Miami County Right-of-Way

  1. Dust Control News and Updates

    Add a user to the news list for Dust Abatement

  2. Utility Contractor Registration

    Form for registering utility relocation contractors to apply for utility relocation permits.